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the story for download

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The Story in m$ word 2000 format. this is the best looking and easiest to follow version of the story. it's also the biggest and apllication dependant.
The Story in .txt format. doesn't look as nice, and is harder to read than the first version, but it's here for people who can't open a word 2000 file.
The Story in html format. the same thing as the .txt version, but online.

there may be some stuff i missed doing, but hey, it happens.

I barely remember most of this.

In the beginning, was I actually spontaneously replaced by Godai, or was that a typo somewhere along the line?  'o_O

Anyway, I'm working on converting it to a text-only version for whom it may concern.  Much smaller filesize, more compatible.


I read the first half and......

That was....can't find the words, it's negetive though. Boring? Stupid? :roll: Some random events like the penguin and such....stories made up from multiple people in short forms just don't work out right...... :|

Whoa, 92 pages!  I'll read it later.

92? it should only be 73 pages... hmm...

and mirk, you weren't spontaneously replaced. there's a line that introduces godai after you're there. you just kinda disapeared for no apparent reason around that point.. heh...


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