Author Topic: Why Lie When You Can Teleport?  (Read 1901 times)

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Why Lie When You Can Teleport?
« on: September 02, 2010, 07:57:53 PM »
Men, have you ever just gone to the bar to have a few drinks with your buddies while your girlfriend thinks you're supposed to be somewhere else? Yeah, that kind of sucks when she calls and you now have to explain why you're at the bar and not at dinner with her parents.

But! Andes brand beer from Argentina has the solution for you: the Teletransporter. There's really nothing I can say about it to do it justice; just watch the video. And, for the record, yes, these are real, and yes, they've actually been installed in the main bars of Mendoza, Argentina.

(since I've just discovered the forum is not setup for embeding youtube videos, here's the link:
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