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yeah, i know hardly anyone comes here anymore, but i'm posting this everywhere i can.

have you ever accidentally permanently deleted files off your computer that were kind of important? like, say, a file/folder is too big for the recycle bin so you permanently delete it, or you just plain empty the recycle bin when a file that wasn't supposed to be there was in it?

If you do, STOP! don't do anything else until you download Pandora Recovery. It's a file recovery program that can recover files you've accidentally deleted, or it can even recover them after you've formatted your hard drive. Most programs like this run from between $40 and $80 (or more), but Pandora Recovery is 100% FREE! A donation screen pops up after you use the program (and why wouldn't you donate at least something), but otherwise it has full functionality, forever, for free.

A few tips so you don't screw up like I did (I lost a few files):
- DO NOT install Pandora Recovery onto the drive you are recovering files from. Don't install anything else on that drive either, or move files there, or create folders there, nothing. Don't do anything to that drive until you've recovered your files.
- DO NOT recover your files TO the drive you're recovering your files from. As Pandora Recovery re-writes the files you lost onto the drive, chances are good it will overwrite some of the files that haven't been recovered yet, meaning you lose them. This is the mistake I made (didn't read the instructions first). All I did was make a new folder to put the files in and a few of my files were gone. More importantly, the folder all my files were in was gone, meaning I had to recover all the files individually instead of just copying the folder. I still got most of my files back, but it was a lot more work this way.
- If you're recovering files off your OS drive (usually C: ), your best option is to physically remove the hard drive and put it in a separate computer because Windows constantly writes to your OS drive. If that's the case, or if you only have one drive, you can buy (for a measly $19.95 - or less if you buy more than one) a 1GB thumbdrive with a no-install version of Pandora Recovery on it. This way you don't have to install the program (potentially destroying the files you're trying to recover), and it gives you a little bit of space to recover files to. I'm definitely buying one.

I thought it was important to share this because I spent all day looking for a program like this (or cracks/serials/keys to make a pay version actually work), and got very frustrated. Then I found this and it really saved my ass.


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