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StarCraft 2


Anyone up for a game of StarCraft 2?

I still don't have StarCraft 2. I'd planned to wait until all 3 parts came out and let them release them together in a Battle Chest - type thing, but I had no idea it would take so ... damned ... long!

And them Minecraft began to consume all of my free time....

Off topic, how ya been? I think it's been a couple years now since anyone popped in here for a visit.

I've been doing IT work these past few years.

I hop on Minecraft once a while. We should get together and build a world, I got a Linux server we can use. :P

That would be cool. I've wanted to set up a server for a while, but I'm a little behind in my housework to get to it :p My son and I have been building a Feed the Beast world, but I'm stuck hosting it off my laptop and that's a little taxing on it...


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